Rural Economic Development (RED) Funding Intake 2 - Midland Downtown RevitalizationSept 25/20

As part of RED Intake 2 - Town of Midland received $250,000 in funding to assist with their Downtown Midland Revitalization through Streetscaping and Public Art.

The Rural Economic Development Program

Ontario’s Rural Economic Development (RED) program is cost-share funding which supports activities that create strong rural communities in Ontario, and opens doors to rural economic development by:

  • Providing funding assistance to address barriers to economic development, to better position rural communities to attract and retain jobs, and investment, and enhance economic growth;
  • Providing funding to build community capacity and support for economic development in Ontario’s rural communities; and
  • Investing in rural communities to help diversify and grow local economies – making economic growth more inclusive so Rural Ontario continues to share in the province’s economic prosperity.

The RED program supports Projects in two streams:

  • Economic Diversification and Competitiveness Stream: Projects that remove barriers to business and job growth, attract investment, attract or retain a skilled workforce or strengthen sector and regional partnerships and diversify regional economies.
  • Strategic Economic Infrastructure Stream: Minor capital Projects that advance economic development and investment opportunities.

The Ontario government supports the creation of strong rural communities by delivering on its commitment to improve their competitiveness, attract investment and create jobs.

RED projects create tangible impacts

The RED program provides cost-share funding for Projects that help Municipalities, Indigenous Communities and Organizations, and Not-for-Profit entities complete Projects that will have tangible impacts in Rural Ontario, measurable by one or more of the following outcomes:

  • Jobs retained or created
  • Investments attracted or retained
  • Businesses attracted, retained and/or expanded
  • Enhanced strategic economic infrastructure
  • Regional partnerships that drive growth

Additional information on the RED program and application are available at