Ontario Delivers First COVID-19 Vaccines - Dec 14/20

Today, the government is sharing that the first limited doses of Health Canada-approved COVID-19 vaccines are being administered to our frontline health care heroes. This is a historic moment for Canadians across the country, and the beginning of the first phase of Ontario’s three-phase vaccine implementation plan.

Notably, Anita Quidangen was the first person in Canada to receive the shot. Anita is a personal support worker (PSW) from the Rekai Centre at Sherbourne Place, a long-term care home in Toronto. She has worked tirelessly to care for some of our most vulnerable, both throughout this pandemic and since her first days as a PSW in 1988. Anita has spent years rolling up her sleeves to protect our province, and today, she didn’t hesitate to find a new way to do so. She represents the best of the Ontario Spirit.

Premier Ford’s Statement

English: https://news.ontario.ca/en/statement/59635/ontario-delivers-first-covid-19-vaccines-to-frontline-health-workers

French: https://news.ontario.ca/fr/statement/59636/lontario-administre-les-premiers-vaccins-contre-la-covid-19-aux-travailleurs-de-la-sante-de-premiere

Ontario’s COVID-19 Vaccine Implementation Plan

English: https://www.ontario.ca/page/ontarios-vaccine-distribution-implementation-plan

French: https://www.ontario.ca/fr/page/plan-de-mise-en-oeuvre-de-la-distribution-des-vaccins-de-lontario