New Supports for Victims and Survivors of Human Trafficking - August 24/20

As Associate Minister of Children & Women's Issues, and along with my colleague Solicitor General Sylvia Jones, we were pleased to participate as co-leads of Ontario’s anti-human trafficking strategy alongside Premier Doug Ford and Attorney General Doug Downey.

The announcement was made today that front-line victim service organizations across Ontario will receive $7.65 million in new funding to ensure victims and survivors of human trafficking can access the services they need to rebuild their lives.

Victim Crisis Assistance Ontario organizations across Ontario will receive additional funding to help victims and survivors of human trafficking cover essential expenses such as accommodation, meals, dental care, transportation, mobile phones and court-related expenses. 

The funding announced today is part of the government’s anti-human trafficking strategy released in March, which includes a $307 million investment over five years. The strategy aims to raise awareness about human trafficking, protect victims through early intervention, and provide a variety of survivor supports and initiatives to hold offenders accountable.

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