Magna Techform to Contribute to the Fight against COVID-19 April 9

Magna Techform is contributing an innovative solution to help in the fight against COVID-19.

Magna Techform in the Town of Penetanguishene, a supplier to the international automotive industry, is one of many businesses greatly impacted by COVID-19 shutdowns. Magna officials are working to put into production a device that they have developed to kill bacteria on items that can’t go in a washing machine. The device, Magna calls PURO, can be used to disinfect masks and personal protection equipment (PPE) and will certainly change our abilities to support health care providers across Canada to combat COVID-19.

The immediate benefits of Techform's actions are clear. Additionally, this example demonstrates the importance, to a sustainable economy, of having: 1) the ability to manufacture, 2) the capability to produce manufacturing tools and 3) SKILLED LABOUR. @Techform

I will be following-up with Techform officials to understand and support any actions required by the Province to expedite the Magna teams efforts. Great job Magna Techform! MagnaInternational #OntarioSpirit #WeAreInThisTogether

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