Celebrating National Volunteer Week 2020 - MPP Dunlop Donates time to help out in the Community - April 23

During this time of uncertainty for so many, MPP Dunlop is forever amazed and inspired by the many volunteers that are the fabric of communities not only in Simcoe North but across Ontario.  Individuals who donate their time, energy and passion selflessly to make a difference in the lives of many that are struggling with poverty, mental illness, food insecurity, mobility, access to programs and so much more.  These individuals often have not taken intense training but reach out knowing the difference they can make with one simple gesture.  They provide companionship, transportation, support, knowledge and help bring joy to so many with what they offer.  The week of April 19th we celebrate National Volunteer Week 2020 (#NVW2020) with #CheersToVolunteers .  

It was my privilege to offer some time this week with R Cottage Restaurant Washago who, with their innovation and outpouring of caring, have provided an outlet for people to sponsor a homemade meal to be delivered directly to a vulnerable individual, couple or family.