Meet Jill

Jill Dunlop is a Member of Provincial Parliament for Simcoe North.  She was born and raised in Coldwater and grew up with a love for our rural Ontario. Jill knows that rural Ontario feeds our province and she is proud to support small businesses as she believes they serve as the backbone of our economy.

She believes that we need to create partnerships between education, employers and their communities to build successes that engage our youth, newcomers, and new business. Jill is committed to seeing the communities she loves flourish under a government that is aligned with their future.

Jill grew up in a family headed by two strong political figures—her father (Garfield) as MPP and her mother (Jane) with an active, passionate voice that drew her into a role as Township of Severn Councillor. From the young age of five, participating in her father’s political campaign, Jill has been active and interested in the local political and economic landscape. As she grew and matured, she learned an ever-deepening set of convictions and values. In particular, she watched the way her parents connected with the people of their communities, and came to understand the importance of truly listening to, and participating in, the communities’ dialogues.

Jill also grew up in an entrepreneurial family. Dunlop Plumbing is a fixture of their local community, and of Jill’s childhood. She learned from a young age the unique challenges and frustrations and opportunities awaiting entrepreneurs. In the context of her family’s successes and struggles, she developed a strong respect for tradespeople and small business, and as an MPP she recognizes the importance of the government’s role in creating an environment in which small business can flourish.

Jill started her career as a faculty member at Georgian College. She has had the opportunity to work not only in the classroom but in the community. A few years ago, she and a group of fellow faculty members saw a need and began informally building relationships between the college and employers. This evolved into a position that allowed her to actively create connections for students to receive on-the-job experience (and ultimately careers) in our local communities.

As a mother and a teacher, she is uniquely keyed into the challenges facing our emerging work force and the environment our students are graduating into. To meet the real needs of industry moving forward, we need to build partnerships between employers and colleges to match programs, needs, and experiences for students of all ages in order to lead to better jobs. Jill Dunlop has demonstrated that she is a tireless hard-working team player and will always work hard to represent you and the things that matter most to you and your family as your MPP for Simcoe North.

Jill is an appointed member of both the Standing Committee on Justice Policy as well as the Standing Committee on Estimates.