60 Day Greenbelt Expansion Consultation - Share Your Thoughts!

The government has announced the launch of a 60-day consultation to grow the Greenbelt and help protect more of the province’s natural environment — including farmlands, forests, wetlands and watersheds — from future development.

The consultations could result in the largest expansion of the Greenbelt since its creation in 2005.  This is truly a unique opportunity to grow the Greenbelt and protect Ontario’s environmental, groundwater, and agricultural resources for future generations.

News Release:

English: https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/60368/ontario-takes-steps-to-grow-the-greenbelt

French: https://news.ontario.ca/fr/release/60369/lontario-prend-des-mesures-pour-elargir-la-ceinture-de-verdure